State Rep. Michelle Beckley Actively Voted Against Your Second Amendment Rights

I have always been a staunch believer in protecting our Second Amendment rights. Defending our constitution and the rights of law abiding American citizens is paramount. It is the fabric of our nation and the foundation of our national identity. When we compromise on such an important issue it sets a dangerous precedent for the future.

I always stood strong on Second Amendment rights as the Texas State Representative for District 65. In fact, throughout my time in office I was given an A rating by the NRA and an A rating in the Texas State Rifle Association Voter Guide. However, during this past Legislative Session the representative that is holding my former seat, State Representative Michelle Beckley, voted against NRA backed bills six times. She was backed by anti-gun groups and has said herself she believes in increasing gun regulations. During her campaign, she made promises to vote for “common sense gun laws,” however, based on the fair and rational bills she opposed, that was a lie.

Here are the bills Michelle Beckley opposed:

HB 302: Protects tenants’ rights to lawfully own firearms in their own homes by prohibiting “no firearms” clauses in residential leases.

HB 1177: Protects citizens that are evacuating from a disaster area from being charged with a crime for carrying a handgun without a License To Carry.

HB 2363: Allows foster parents the right to store firearms in a safe and secure manner while making them more readily accessible for personal protection purposes. 

HB 3231: Prevents cities and counties from being able to go around state law to regulate the sale or transfer of guns and ammunition.

SB 535: Allows “churches, synagogues, or other places of worship” to decide for themselves if they would like to allow LTC holders on their premises, like nearly all other private properties.

SB 772: Protects business establishments who fail to forbid handguns on their property from certain civil actions.

This abysmal record proves that Michelle Beckley has no interest in defending the rights of our constitution. It also proves she has no interesting in passing “common sense” gun laws. Our elected officials must work to defend the constitution. It is a key part of the job description. We must hold legislators accountable for their actions, and I consider protecting our second amendment rights to be non-negotiable. Michelle Beckley failed to defend our rights, and therefore failed as a legislator.

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